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Parent Tips and Hints

Quality time with your child

Try to give your child a minimum of 30 minutes each day. Sit on the floor and give them your undivided attention. Read to them at bedtime, work on verbal skills, talk about things in the life, work on small life skills, play with their toys, work on puzzles, draw, paint and pray together.  Children grow up so quickly, the time spent bonding when they are very young will make the teen and young adult years much easier for both of you. Your child will remember that you took the time to learn about them and their interests..........children should be able to come to their parents for all their needs in life - emotional as well as physical.

Smart Phones, Your Child and 911

Do you use a landline or has your household gone exclusively to mobile phones?

Please remember that your child needs to know how to dial 911 in an emergency on both types of phone.

The more your practice the more comfortable your child will be in an emergency.  Please practice regularly especially if you change phones often.


Benefits go on and on...

Children who attend preschool do better in kindergarten than those who don't but that’s not all: the positive effects of preschool go on and on.  As Barbara Willer of the National Association for the Education of Young Children told C-Span, “[Preschool] helps determine the trajectory of success they will have later on."

Another recent study found that attending a quality preschool boosted test performance for low-income children well into middle school; researchers also found evidence linking preschool attendance to higher rates of parent involvement and maternal employment.  A third, long term study of children who attended an early education program found that 25 years later, participants stayed in school longer and had a higher standard of living, as well as lower rates of crime and drug use, than a control group.

Experts say that low-income children benefit most from preschool, but there are obvious advantages  for all kids, including the valuable social-emotional skills that they receive.

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